Metaplanet’s Stock Surges 90% on Bitcoin Balance Sheet Boost


Metaplanet witnessed a remarkable 90% surge in its Tokyo-listed stock within two days following the addition of $6.56 million worth of Bitcoin (BTC) to its balance sheet.

The company’s shares, currently trading at 36 yens, have surged by 89% in a single day, as per data from Google Finance. This surge is attributed to Metaplanet’s strategic move to incorporate Bitcoin into its balance sheet in collaboration with partners like Sora Ventures and Mark Yusko from Morgan Creek Capital.

Formerly known as Red Planet and operating as a budget hotel operator, Metaplanet has transformed into a Web3 software developer. This decision to add Bitcoin to its treasury assets is driven by its aim to minimize exposure to the Japanese yen amid the country’s low-interest-rate environment, where the yen’s status as a major global currency has waned over the years.

Metaplanet’s strategy mirrors that of MicroStrategy (MSTR), a software developer based in Tysons Corner, Virginia, which announced its intent to accumulate Bitcoin in its corporate treasury holdings in 2020. MicroStrategy’s stock price has often mirrored Bitcoin’s value fluctuations since then, reflecting investors’ sentiment towards the cryptocurrency market.

The partnership with Metaplanet offers Japanese investors exposure to cryptocurrencies through a publicly traded company, providing an alternative investment avenue and mitigating tax implications on unrealized crypto gains, which has been a contentious issue in Japan.

Major corporate investors in Bitcoin, such as Microstrategy, have witnessed soaring profits. At current market prices, MicroStrategy’s position commands a total valuation exceeding $12.57 billion, with unrealized profits of almost $6.5 billion on paper, reflecting a gain of almost 104% yield-to-date from an investment allocation started in 2020.

As of now, Bitcoin is trading at around $69,000, slightly down from its recent all-time high, but still showing strong performance in the cryptocurrency market.

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