Injective Expands with Layer-3 Blockchain Launch on Arbitrum


Injective, a blockchain platform originally built on Cosmos technology, experienced a meteoric rise with its INJ token escalating thirty-three times in value during 2023, only to face a sharp decline this year. In a strategic pivot, Injective is now set to broaden its scope by launching a layer-3 network within the Ethereum ecosystem, leveraging Arbitrum’s technology.

The new layer, named “inEVM,” is designed to be compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine  and aims to bridge three major blockchain networks: Ethereum, Cosmos, and Solana. The inEVM will utilize Arbitrum’s Orbit toolkit, which enables developers to create customizable chains while ensuring interoperability across different ecosystems.

This expansion could potentially rejuvenate interest in the INJ token, which outshone most of its peers last year, achieving a peak market capitalization exceeding $4 billion. Despite the general uptick in the crypto markets in 2024, with the CoinDesk 20 index climbing 25%, INJ has seen a nearly 30% decrease in its value.

According to Injective Labs, this initiative will not only facilitate the development within the Ethereum layer-2 space but also maintain Injective’s attributes of high speed and low transaction costs. Additionally, operations on the inEVM network will support the Injective ecosystem’s tokenomics through a mechanism that regularly burns a portion of all protocol fees.

Eric Chen, co-founder of Injective Labs, emphasized in a press release that the integration with Arbitrum is pivotal for enhancing blockchain networks and infrastructure. He highlighted the importance of interoperability in bridging the gaps among leading layer-1 platforms, thereby enabling a more fluid exchange of assets and liquidity across various blockchain ecosystems.

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