CleanSpark Acquires Griid Infrastructure in $155 Million Deal


Bitcoin miner CleanSpark (NASDAQ:CLSK) announced a major acquisition, merging with Griid Infrastructure in a $155 million deal. CleanSpark will acquire all common shares of Griid Infrastructure, significantly enhancing its operational capacity by gaining access to 20 megawatts of Griid’s available power. The acquisition is projected to increase CleanSpark’s power capacity by over 400 MW within the next two years.

Strategic Expansion in Bitcoin Mining

CleanSpark CEO Zach Bradford emphasized the strategic advantages of the acquisition, stating, “Griid’s energy infrastructure in Tennessee complements CleanSpark’s existing operations in Georgia and Mississippi. This acquisition provides us with a clear and steady path over the next three years.” The deal is expected to bolster CleanSpark’s footprint in the Bitcoin mining industry.

In Georgia, CleanSpark has developed over 400 MW of power capacity supported by long-term power contracts. Additionally, the company operates power infrastructure in Mississippi and co-locates mining machines in New York. CleanSpark is also expanding with new mining facilities in Wyoming, aiming to increase its overall mining capacity and operational efficiency.

Market Reactions and Future Prospects

Following the announcement, Griid Infrastructure’s stock price fell sharply by 49% to $1.20 per share. Despite this decline, Griid’s stock has rallied 55% over the past month, indicating investor optimism about the company’s future. Meanwhile, CleanSpark’s stock experienced a modest increase of 0.44%, trading at $16.15 per share.

The merger is expected to bring significant benefits to CleanSpark, including increased power capacity and enhanced operational efficiency. The acquisition aligns with CleanSpark’s strategy to expand its mining capabilities and strengthen its position in the Bitcoin mining sector.

CleanSpark’s Growing Presence in the Industry

CleanSpark has been steadily growing its presence in the Bitcoin mining industry through strategic acquisitions and infrastructure development. The company’s robust power infrastructure in Georgia, Mississippi, and New York, coupled with the upcoming facilities in Wyoming, positions it well for future growth. By acquiring Griid Infrastructure, CleanSpark aims to further solidify its market position and enhance its mining operations.

Long-Term Benefits and Strategic Vision

The acquisition of Griid Infrastructure is seen as a strategic move that will provide CleanSpark with a reliable and scalable power supply. This is crucial for maintaining and expanding its mining operations. The additional 20 MW of power from Griid’s infrastructure will immediately enhance CleanSpark’s operational capacity, while the potential to increase power capacity by over 400 MW in the next two years sets the stage for substantial growth.


CleanSpark’s acquisition of Griid Infrastructure marks a significant step in the company’s expansion strategy. By enhancing its power capacity and operational efficiency, CleanSpark is well-positioned to capitalize on the growing demand for Bitcoin mining. The strategic acquisition underscores CleanSpark’s commitment to scaling its operations and maintaining a competitive edge in the industry.

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