UK Treasury Explores Fund Tokenization in New Report

Fund Tokenization

The Technology Working Group of the UK Treasury, the economic and finance ministry of the government, has recently released a comprehensive report delving into the potential use cases of fund tokenization.

The report primarily investigates the utilization of tokens as collateral for money market funds and examines the role of tokenized funds within the on-chain investment market. It outlines how the UK funds industry can leverage the potential of tokenization to enhance asset management operations and proposes a foundational tokenization model for firms operating within the UK.

Moreover, the report elucidates various use cases demonstrating how this model could improve business operations, including optimizing money market fund collateral management. This marks the second report from the Technology Working Group, established in April 2023 under the Asset Management Taskforce. The forthcoming third report is slated to focus on the impact of artificial intelligence on the industry.

This recent publication builds upon the findings of the Technology Working Group’s inaugural report released in November 2023. The latest report expands on the potential use cases of fund tokenization identified in the initial publication.

Tokenization, as defined in the report, involves issuing units recorded on a distributed ledger, contrasting with units recorded on traditional record-keeping systems. The transition of existing operational infrastructure supporting investment funds onto a distributed ledger is posited to drive efficiency and transparency within the sector while enhancing its competitive edge.

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