Survey Indicates Decreased Consumer Skepticism Towards Bitcoin

Bitcoin Slips

According to a survey by Deutsche Bank released on Monday, consumers are showing slightly diminished skepticism towards bitcoin, though nearly one-third of respondents still foresee a significant drop in its price by the conclusion of 2024.

Why it Matters

Despite substantial investments poured into bitcoin with hopes of capitalizing on price surges, leading regulators have asserted its lack of intrinsic value and associated risks.

Deutsche Bank’s survey encompassed over 3,600 participants, with 52% expressing the belief that cryptocurrencies will emerge as an “important asset class and payment method” in the future. This marks a shift from less than 40% in September 2023.

One-third of respondents in the United States anticipate bitcoin’s value to dip below $20,000 by the end of 2024. Notably, this demographic is marginally diminishing, having comprised 35% in February and 36% in January.

The segment of individuals regarding cryptocurrencies as a “temporary trend destined to fade away” dwindled to less than 1%.

However, merely 10% of those surveyed expect bitcoin to surpass $75,000 by year-end.


Bitcoin ascended to a three-week peak on Monday, having achieved an all-time high of $73,803.25 in March after rebounding from a significant downturn in 2022.

Analysts attribute the recent resurgence to anticipation surrounding spot bitcoin ETFs and expectations of impending interest rate reductions.

What’s Ahead

Some analysts interpret bitcoin’s recent rebound beyond $70,000 as a sign of investors disregarding cautionary advice.

Deutsche Bank analysts anticipate support for bitcoin’s price from forthcoming events such as the “bitcoin halving,” regulatory measures, central bank rate cuts, and the potential approval of spot ethereum ETFs by the SEC.

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