LUNA Price Remains Unaffected as Terra Blockchain Experiences Another Halt

LUNA Price

The Terra blockchain encountered an unexpected halt on Thursday, marking the second disruption within the month. The core team is actively investigating the issue, as stated in an official update. Despite this setback, the price of LUNA, Terra’s native token, has remained largely unaffected, with a weekly loss of nearly 13%.

The Terra blockchain issued an official update regarding the sudden halt experienced on Thursday, the second such incident in March. The cause of the halt remains unclear, prompting the core team to intensify efforts to identify and resolve the issue. The community has been assured that updates will be provided as the investigation progresses.

In a previous occurrence on March 14, the Terra blockchain faced a similar unexpected issue resulting in a temporary halt. Following swift action from the team, block production resumed, and an initial investigation was conducted. While users were informed of the restoration, the team committed to conducting a post-mortem analysis to prevent future occurrences.

Just a week later, on March 21, the blockchain once again paused block productions, prompting a follow-up tweet from the team. Despite these interruptions, the price of LUNA has shown resilience, maintaining stability amidst the technical challenges. As of the latest update, LUNA is trading at $0.9224, representing a 4% increase for the day, recuperating from its weekly losses.

Currently, LUNA’s price is consolidating below the resistance level of $1. Despite the disruptions, the asset remains 41% below its year-to-date high of $1.55, recorded on March 5.

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