Ether Gains Weekly Against Bitcoin Amid BTC Dominance Drop

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Ether has demonstrated strong performance against Bitcoin for two consecutive weeks, indicating a growing interest in altcoin gains following recent market developments, according to analysts at Bitfinex. Despite bitcoin’s halving event, ether recorded a notable 7.5% increase in its trading pair with BTC, marking its most significant weekly gain against bitcoin since early January.

Bitfinex’s Alpha report underscored ether’s resilience, even amidst regulatory challenges. Concerns regarding the potential SEC classification of ether as security and scrutiny over the Metamask software have raised uncertainties in the market. Nevertheless, ether’s ability to outpace bitcoin suggests a shifting sentiment among investors and market dynamics within the altcoin space.

The decline in bitcoin dominance further supports this narrative, with attention gradually shifting towards altcoins following the halving event. Historically, such events have prompted a surge in altcoin activity, leading to a decline in Bitcoin’s dominance. Currently, bitcoin’s dominance stands at 50.5%, while ether commands a dominance of 15.9%, according to Coingecko data.

Meanwhile, early Monday trading saw a significant depreciation in the Japanese yen, prompting bitcoin to trade at a slight premium against the weakening currency. On the Japanese crypto exchange bitFlyer, the bitcoin-Japanese yen pair traded at a 0.2% premium to bitcoin’s dollar-denominated price on Coinbase. However, as the yen rebounded amidst speculation of intervention by the Bank of Japan, the BTC/JPY pair retreated to trade at 9,797,502 JPY at the time of reporting.

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