Donald Trump’s Crypto Holdings Take a Hit: Will He Cash Out?


Although former President Donald Trump is better known for various endeavors, his involvement in the world of cryptocurrency has remained somewhat under the radar.

Recent revelations have shed light on Trump’s crypto portfolio, providing insight into his digital assets.

Using blockchain analytics, Arkham Intelligence has identified Trump’s wallet address by cross-referencing his financial disclosures. This analysis has unveiled not only Trump’s holdings but also those of various other entities, ranging from Tesla Inc. to Snoop Dogg.

Trump entered the cryptocurrency sphere in late 2022 when his name and likeness were utilized to promote and sell the Trump Digital Trading Cards non-fungible token (NFT) collection. This venture yielded Trump over 1,700 Ethereum (ETH) and Wrapped ETH (WETH) tokens.

In late 2023, Trump liquidated a portion of his ETH holdings, transferring 1,075 ETH to Coinbase, likely for sale.

However, Trump’s most significant crypto investment lies in MAGA Coin (TRUMP), a meme coin endorsing the former president. Initially, 580,000 TRUMP tokens were sent to Trump’s wallet, which, at the time, were worth a modest sum. Yet, the value of TRUMP has surged dramatically in 2024, driven by meme coin frenzy and increased media attention on Trump.

TRUMP’s price skyrocketed from less than 1 cent shortly after launch to an all-time high of $11.56 within six months, representing a staggering price increase of nearly 150,000%. Consequently, Trump’s TRUMP tokens, initially worth a few thousand dollars, ballooned into a small fortune, reaching highs of over $6.7 million before settling around $3 million.

However, recent market fluctuations have taken their toll on Trump’s crypto portfolio. Over the past week, TRUMP has experienced a significant decline of over 15%, while ETH has also dipped by approximately 12%. As a result, Trump’s holdings have plummeted by over $1 million in just seven days.

On April 11, Trump’s crypto portfolio stood at $6.6 million, only to drop to $5.4 million by April 16, marking a loss of over $1.2 million, or more than 18%.

These losses raise speculation regarding Trump’s next move. While this downturn may be a temporary setback, it could also signal trouble for the future of the TRUMP coin. Moreover, there is uncertainty regarding Trump’s awareness of his crypto holdings. If Trump perceives a potential decline in the token’s value and is cognizant of his position, he may opt to sell, as he has done previously.

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