Bitcoin Market Dynamics: Mining Output Absorbed, Fueling Price Surge

Bitcoin Mining

An examination of the interplay between Bitcoin cohort accumulation and monthly issuance sheds light on the current market dynamics. Presently, the ongoing epoch witnesses a daily mining output of approximately 900 BTC, totaling nearly 27,000 BTC per month, depicted by the blue line in our analysis graph.

Cohorts within the Bitcoin ecosystem range from smallholders (with less than one Bitcoin) to large entities holding 10,000 or more BTC, including miners and exchanges. Notably, the analysis becomes intriguing when the orange bar chart, representing the aggregate accumulation of cohorts, surpasses the blue line denoting monthly issuance.

When the orange bar chart exceeds the monthly issuance line, it signifies that all cohorts combined are accumulating more Bitcoin than the total monthly issuance. Conversely, a scenario where the orange bar chart falls below the monthly issuance line indicates that cohorts are not accumulating the entire monthly issuance on an aggregate basis.

Breaking down the recent data as of March 25, the monthly issuance stands at 27,000 BTC, while the aggregate cohort accumulation has reached 43,114 BTC. This data indicates that over the past 30 days, all cohorts collectively absorbed the newly mined Bitcoin and acquired additional quantities from exchanges. This upward trend in buying activity aligns with the recent surge in Bitcoin prices, surpassing the $70,000 mark.

Conversely, a contrasting period was observed between March 3 and March 22, during which cohorts accumulated less Bitcoin than the monthly issuance. This trend contributed to the dip in Bitcoin prices from its all-time high of $60,000.

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