Bitcoin ETF Momentum Slows Amid Decreased Inflows at BlackRock

Bitcoin ETF

The momentum of Bitcoin Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) experienced a decline as BlackRock’s inflows dropped significantly. On March 20, BlackRock’s inflows amounted to $49.28 million, while Grayscale’s ETF witnessed higher outflows at $386 million.

For the second consecutive day, spot Bitcoin ETFs recorded negative flows. According to data from the financial research platform ‘SosoValue,’ Grayscale’s ETF GBTC observed a substantial outflow of $386 million on March 20. The previous day saw the same ETF recording $443 million in outflows, reflecting intensified selling pressure on Bitcoin.

Other ETFs failed to compensate for the outflow, as per SoSo Value data shared by WuBlockchain. BlackRock’s IBIT recorded the highest inflow at $49.28 million on the same day.

Since the approval of ETFs by the U.S. SEC in January, substantial inflows had been driving Bitcoin’s value upwards. However, the recent decrease in inflows suggested that institutional impact might be contributing to the 8.66% decline in Bitcoin’s price over the last seven days.

Despite Bitcoin trading at $67,018, indicating a resurgence of buying pressure, continued outflows surpassing inflows could potentially drive BTC below $60,000.

Bulls are attempting to counter the bearish sentiment prevailing in the market. Coin Edition noted a noticeable bearish bias based on technical analysis. The 4-hour BTC/USD chart revealed a death cross with the Exponential Moving Average (EMA), where the 20 EMA (blue) dipped below the 50 EMA (yellow), signaling a reinforcement of the downtrend. Bitcoin’s price also fell below the 50 EMA, suggesting a potential halt to the recent uptrend.

As it stands, Bitcoin may experience a decrease, with a potential target of around $58,463 if bulls fail to sustain pressure. Conversely, a surge in buying pressure could propel the coin towards $70,202.

The derivatives market also witnessed significant activity, with Bitcoin’s recovery triggering substantial liquidations. Coinglass reported over $317.55 million worth of BTC contracts liquidated, possibly due to high leverage or insufficient funding fees. Short positions constituted the majority of liquidated positions, while volatility also led to liquidations among longs.

The cascade of liquidations could further impact Bitcoin’s price from a trading perspective, with shorts potentially becoming more aggressive if BTC drops below $60,000.

In summary, the decline in Bitcoin ETF momentum, coupled with technical indicators and derivative market activity, suggests a challenging landscape for the cryptocurrency in the near term.

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