Anthropic Seeks Buyer for FTX Stake, Excludes Saudi Investors 

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Artificial intelligence startup Anthropic, a competitor of OpenAI, seeks to divest shares previously held by the now-defunct crypto exchange FTX. However, reports indicate that Saudi Arabian investors are not being entertained as potential buyers, as per anonymous sources.

Anthropic currently possesses an 8% stake from FTX, valued at over $1 billion. CNBC’s report, relying on undisclosed informants, suggests that Anthropic is in the market for a buyer to acquire the shares previously owned by FTX but has explicitly excluded Saudi investors from consideration.

According to CNBC’s sources, Anthropic’s decision to bypass Saudi investments is grounded in concerns regarding national security. Reportedly, the company’s executives are in the process of assembling a pool of potential backers while excluding Saudi financiers.

Three years ago, FTX acquired shares in Anthropic for $500 million. Now, the 8% stake in the esteemed AI startup has doubled in value. FTX’s liquidation of Anthropic shares is part of its bankruptcy proceedings, with proceeds aimed at compensating clients affected by the exchange’s collapse.

The report indicates that the transaction is progressing and is anticipated to conclude within the next few weeks, as mentioned by undisclosed sources.

Furthermore, Anthropic is contemplating selling FTX’s stake to alternative sovereign wealth funds, notably including the United Arab Emirates-based Mubadala. The latter has exhibited interest in acquiring Anthropic shares, as per the same report.

In December, Anthropic commanded a valuation of $18.4 billion. Subsequently, a judge sanctioned FTX’s proposal to offload its shares in the AI enterprise in February.

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