World of Ether Reveals First Gameplay; 6 Months in the Making

World of Ether  - Over six months ago, on a snowy December day in NYC World of Ether began its development cycle. A month later, the game opened its presale and sold nearly half a million USD of in-game presale assets, called “monster eggs,” in under just two days. Since then its community has grown and people have begged and pleaded in their chats for a glimpse into what they have been building. >> World of Ether's Website Over the weekend, at ConsenSys’s Ethereal Summit, the team showed just that. They gave a first look into the World of Ether gameplay and then published the video publicly, which can be viewed below. “ConsenSys put together a special event and we were honored to be able to demo there.” Edward Sturm, a World of Ether founding member and the game’s Director of Marketing, said in an exclusive interview with us. “We've been getting nothing but positive feedback on all this. We're trying to push the limits of what has been done with any other dApp. With our tech and the partnerships we have, we think this game can have a big impact on the space." He went on. The video reveal shows a buildup leading into Ethereal. We see the team preparing in an apartment, going to the event, and then setting up on stage. The presentation starts. Ram, the game’s Head of Product, starts speaking. “In game rewards are the future of gaming. We can actually track and trace where these assets belong to, who belongs to it, there’s no fraud.” The demo starts. We enter an inventory screen. Lots of glowing icons. Many of which are still mysterious. We see monsters breed. Two Life types are selected and bred with each other to create a new monster egg. The egg is hatched into a child. There’s another feature shown. We see available monsters, and have some new ones revealed. “Lizen.” Finally, we see a battle. First, there’s a finding match screen. A match is found and a battle begins. There’s a Victory screen. It says, “You’ve earned a sun crystal!” There’s no explanation given as to what these are. The video fades to Alain, the World of Ether game creator, off stage. Alain says he’s excited for the game to come. The video closes out. Since the release of the video and Ethereal, there have been positive reviews spoken about what was seen. A recent community comment highlights the project’s potential. "With so many dApps misappropriating what Ether is useful for, WoE shows that there are some outlets with real promise that are original, community-driven and aren't hurried together." No word has been made yet about the possibility of a token sale or investment. >> Exclusive Interview with World of Ether's co-founder Alain Goldman. Featured Image: Twitter

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