World of Ether: Will This Crypto Game Save Ethereum?

World of Ether
It's been nine months since World of Ether sold half a million dollars of presale assets in just under 48 hours. Now, the crypto game is finally ready to show what's been built. This is declared by the founders to be one of the most sophisticated dApps on the market, pushing the boundaries of what's capable on the Ethereum network. In World of Ether's Telegram Community recently, fans have even echoed that this game will "Save Ethereum."

$10,000 to Try Beta

On September 22nd, 2018, World of Ether will deploy their free Beta on the Rinkeby Test Net and will pay players a reward pool of $10,000 to try it. “We’re giving players all this money for Beta so that we can have as much gameplay feedback as possible going into Main Net,” Edward Sturm, World of Ether's Marketing Director told CryptoCurrencyNews. The $10,000, as shown in this post, will be spread out as rewards for being the first to 'hatch' 40 out of 200 monsters within the game—rewards on different monsters will fetch higher prices than others. A player who is first to hatch monster #26 will get $100, whereas the first to hatch #39 gets $800, for example. These rewards will all be paid in ETH. “Part of the beauty of using blockchain for something like this is that the discoverer’s wallet is immutably attributed to the discovery of that monster, and that makes it super easy for us to track who gets which reward," Sturm added. World of Ether

Saving Ethereum?

Up until this point, Ethereum's biggest dApp has been CryptoKitties, which skeptics have said isn't an enticing use case for Ethereum. Augur is another high ranking dApp but has also been criticized, like so many other dApps, as having a 'clunky' user experience. The World of Ether founders want to solve all of this. “What we’ve made is going to turn into Ethereum’s flagship dApp,” says Bryan Okeke, who programmed the game’s smart contracts. “When the founders of Ethereum are asked about use cases for their blockchain, they’re going to say, ‘Oh take a look at World of Ether.’” >> Immortal Player Characters: Blockchain Game Characters You Can Keep Ethereum, of course, has been on a monumental bear run these past eight months, so there are many who are hoping these statements become truth. World of Ether

About World of Ether

The World of Ether presale started in January by selling 'Eggs' that hatch into 'Ethereian Monsters.' Thousands of these eggs have been sold so far, with some of the buyers being well-known figures in the blockchain space. So, I'm sure you're wondering, "What can I do with these monsters?" Well, you have the option to breed them to make more, battle them to increase your level, and sell and sire them for real ETH. Higher level players are able to breed rarer and stronger monsters, which are expected to go for more on the marketplace due to strict rarity mechanics. While World of Ether doesn't use ERC721 tokens for its monsters (which are attributed on-chain to Ethereum wallets), the game does have power-ups called 'Crystals,' which are ERC20 and will be available for purchase in the near future. World of Ether will be available on the Rinkeby Test Network this coming Saturday, September 22nd, and then on the Ethereum mainnet not long after.

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