World Crypto Con: Chris J. Snook on His Journey through Crypto

World Crypto Con

Welcome to the World Crypto Con Spotlight series. Today’s guest: Chris J. Snook

World Crypto Con

World Crypto Con (WCC) is a platform for industry leaders to share their knowledge of the cryptocurrency and blockchain space, as well as introduce their projects to the world. WCC welcomes both experts and novices to attend; there’s something for everyone.

Our World Crypto Con Spotlight series will be focusing on moments from the conference, speaking to headliners about their experience with WCC.

Thanks to World Crypto Con, we at had the pleasure of interviewing Chris J. Snook, Founder and Chairman of World Tokenomic Forum.

Today, Chris tells us a little more about himself and fills us in on his panel, in case you missed it.

World Crypto Con Spotlight: Chris J. Snook

Q: Just to give our readers some background, can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

A: I am a 19-year serial entrepreneur/investor, the author of Digital Sense and forthcoming 2019 titles ‘Tokenomics’ and ‘Rebooting Retail’ and currently serve as Chairman at World Tokenomic Forum and the Editor-in-Chief at Token Standard.

Q: How and when did you get into the cryptocurrency/blockchain space?

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A: Through curiosity and as a very part-time hobby back in 2012, but with full organizational effort and investment focus in our holding company Launch Haus in late 2016.

Q: It seems like you’re involved in all sorts of companies within crypto. Can you explain briefly what Token Standard and World Tokenomic Forum are?

A: Token Standard is a media platform, research arm, and publishing house dedicated to providing a highly curated and “less is more” feed of timely content to c-level executives, policymakers, technologists, and money managers around who and what is driving the next iteration of our global economy.

The World Tokenomic Forum is an invitation-only consortium of members across the public and private sectors marrying emerging technologies, to enterprise and capital through our Sandcastle Series initiative. We also host an annual summit of members in Grand Cayman each Fall to convene members, shape research agendas and policy initiatives. Launch Haus is our digital holding company and portfolio of related tech, agency, and blockchain investments.

Q: It seems like you’re speaking at all sorts of crypto conferences around the world. How have they been going?

A: I spoke at 22 conferences this year, and 17 of them have been related to crypto or blockchain outside of our own annual summit. I will attend far fewer next year and expect that the market will mirror that as well. The events that will last and provide value moving forward will become platforms that incorporate value exchange across every aspect of the value chain (enterprise, startup, capital provider, regulator, media, etc.) and find ways to do more than just provide startups with a platform to pitch and buy booth space.

I am excited by the vision of the WCC founders to connect technology and people to experiences that help ground people in the present and future capabilities of this space as it evolves. It is a bold mission, and the event platforms that achieve that and execute will likely get the majority of visitor and attendee traffic moving forward.

Q: At World Crypto Con, you’ll be leading a panel on ‘The Current and Future State of Adoption.’ How important is adoption to cryptocurrency? Do you think crypto adoption has dropped since the start of the crypto market’s recent downfall?

A: Adoption is always important in any technology. Use cases and proof-points are far more valuable than ideas. We also have to realize that everything that scales follows the path of infrastructure, protocols/standardization, and applications. We will see a continued “spaghetti on the wall” model and race to protocol development in 2019 and 2020 and infrastructure design as well. Applications will emerge and cut down paths for their competitors like in every cycle prior. User adoption based upon speculation is over and will likely not return, so the next wave of adoption will be driven more by a true readiness level across these three domains and some healthy speculation on top of true use cases and proof points.

Q: Your panel will include Grant Cohen, Sebastien Henot, Jeff Burton, Jan Pasboel, and Michael Proper. What are their thoughts on the state of adoption for cryptocurrency?

A: You will have to attend the session to hear from these amazing people first hand. I am not going to give away the goose before its cooked 🙂

Q: What are you (or the others in your panel) most excited about for World Crypto Con?

A: Meeting some new people, reconnecting with some friends, and experiencing the vision and production value that WCC has promised to deliver!

Thanks again to World Crypto Con for the opportunity and to Chris J. Snook for taking the time to speak with us.

Chris J. Snook participated in the ‘Mariposa Keynote Stage’ on November 1st and moderated ‘The State of Adoption with Chris J Snook’ on November 1st.

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