Why Does the Crypto Sphere Hate Roger Ver?

Why does the Crypto Sphere Hate Roger Ver

Who is Roger Ver?

Born in California, Roger Ver was an early adopter of Bitcoin (BTC). In fact, his website was one of the first sites to accept Bitcoin as a method of payment. At the time, Ver was so supportive of Bitcoin that he was named "Bitcoin Jesus." Over the years his loyalty to the coin shifted somewhat. He began to believe and state that the true Bitcoin was actually the forked coin; BCH. This coin adheres to the traditional whitepaper of Bitcoin more than the actual Bitcoin does. Of course, this is his opinion. This belief has begun a continual debate of which he certainly fuels. Today Ver has garnered himself an unfavorable reputation, and it would seem some crypto enthusiasts would rather ignore him. A harsh action, but possibly a smart one. According to the crypto community, they now prefer the moniker "Bitcoin Antichrist."  It's a known fact that he draws ill sentiment from various spaces, but why does the crypto sphere hate Roger Ver exactly? Well, it seems there is one major reason; all his huffing and puffing about coin legitimacy has created a manipulating figure, and neither the crypto nor blockchain sector wants to deal with Ver's manipulations anymore.

Why Does the Crypto Sphere Hate Roger Ver?

An example being, Ver will make a far-fetched statement - when he is trying to influence the system perhaps. And then the crypto community is forced to figure out what to believe and what not to believe. When you have large amounts of money on the line, even some outlandish statements can be hard to ignore, especially when they come from an "industry figure".   There are other reasons of course.
  • Roger Ver Is Considered to be Misleading the Public 
Accusations surround Ver and, as touched on above, his ability to manipulate market price. Specifically, there is real-life proof of Ver misleading the masses into thinking Bitcoin Cash is Bitcoin. For instance, on Ver’s website, Bitcoin Cash appears at the top, and his website represents Bitcoin as “Bitcoin Core.” Firstly, both coin logos look extremely similar which is, in itself, misleading but to add insult to injury, his website is the only website that actually calls BTC “Bitcoin Core” and not simply "Bitcoin". As a result, this misinformation has led crypto newbies into purchasing Bitcoin Cash when they really wanted to purchase Bitcoin. Ver has also been quoted as saying that there is nothing wrong with someone pumping up prices to attract miners. Now, you may agree with that statement. However, note that there is a problem with Ver doing this. It is a problem because it has been suggested that he is doing it to manipulate Bitcoin price and by doing that, Ver could easily trick people into purchasing and selling. 
  • He is Confusing Crypto Newbies
It's no surprise that the crypto market can be difficult to understand, especially if you are a crypto newbie. If you're new and still getting your head around the basics, you make for an easy target for manipulation. This is why Ver's misleading has led a lot of people to dislike him. He has also been found trying to convince people Bitcoin.com (his website) is the same as Bitcoin.org. Again, unknowingly people have not understood the difference and based on his misguidance have purchased off his website - creating profits of course for him.  Trying to convince the public that one thing is another thing likens to a phishing attack. But opinions vary on this. 

Why Does the Crypto Sphere Hate Roger Ver? | Takeaway

In the most extreme senses, Ver has been branded "a con man". Is that too harsh? The main issue the community has is that by using Bitcoin.com, Roger Ver is appearing to spread Bitcoin Cash propaganda, and those on the receiving end of the propaganda are crypto newbies. When you are new you don't quite know what to believe, and several cases have appeared where people have bought on Bitcoin.com believing it is the same as Bitcoin.org. Further, there is his continued argument that Bcash is the new Bitcoin. People are entitled to their own opinions but in a market as volatile as this, red flags should not be ignored. >>3 Ways to Avoid Fraudulent ICOs   Featured Image: Facebook

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