Ripple Price Watch – XRP/USD Momentum Continues, Hits Weekly High

Ripple Price Watch

February 14, 2018 – Ripple Price Watch. Ripple continued its momentum this week, hitting a seven-day high of $1.1550.

Key Highlights:

  • Ripple price continued its momentum this week, now trading at $1.1137
  • XRP hit a weekly high of $1.1550 earlier today
  • A bullish trend is forming, testing a major resistance of $1.1600

Upside Momentum Continues For XRP

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Ripple continued its momentum this week, hitting a weekly high of $1.1550 earlier today. The coin is now trading at $1.1137 as of 5 PM EST. At the moment, a major bullish trend is forming that could take XRP toward the $1.1600 resistance level.

After breaking above $1.0500 yesterday, XRP hovered in the range between $1.0100 and $1.0600 throughout most of the day, until it went on its current bull run and managed to take off from $1.0800. Its price has now settled between $1.1000 and $1.1500.

Source: Tradingview

The MACD indicator is also confirming the current bull run. At the moment, a crossover between the MACD and signal lines is being formed.

Looking at the Technical Indicators:

  • MACD — XRP is now in a bullish zone
  • Major Resistance Level — $1.1600
  • Major Support Level — $1.1000

Featured Image: Twitter

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