All Aboard the TRON [TRX] Train – Odyssey 2.0 Updates

TRON [TRX] - A week ago, TRON launched Odyssey 2.0. This product launch has been far overdue, as TRON's ICO was completed back in early September 2017. The project raised the $70 million to expand its developer base to help build out the Tron ecosystem. The Tron Foundation, based in Shanghai, released its test net just two months ago. Since the test net the team has released various projects centered around building the Tron community and the Tron blockchain. Let's get into them and some of the drama. >> What is TRON [TRX] Can You Keep Up? First, there was the Justin Sun and Vitalik Buterin conflict started by Sun He posted a Tweet explaining why TRON was better than Ethereum. Buterin wasn't having ANY of it and shot back with the plagiarised whitepaper claims. Any publicity is good publicity - right? It concluded with this tweet. The next venture on the team was the 'super election' they would be holding that handles the 'governance' of the TRON blockchain. Many companies that participate in the Tron ecosystem could join the election and the community would vote for the representatives that would guide the Tron ecosystem and its future pivots. Next, TRON announced Project Genesis that was a $2 billion rewards pool to expand and enrich the Tron Ecosystem. Part of project Genesis was a $1 Million USD programming contest. The TRON foundation also gave away a $100,000 loan to help resolve budget shortages teams may face when trying to build high quality, utility dApps. After this announcement, came the announcement that they were working with cryptocurrency exchanges to get them on board to handle the fundamental aspects of the ERC20 TRX token migration/swap. Presently, all exchanges trading TRX will be supporting the token swap. The Tron team then announced that it will be launching its own Virtual Machine, similar to that of Ethereum and dApps built on Ethereum will be able to be migrated to TRON. In a desperate attempt to boost TRX's price in mid-May, Justin Sun announced that the Tron Foundation would hold a giveaway to give one TRX holder the home of their dreams. This was to incentivize supporters to invest in more TRX. Unfortunately, TRX whales hold the advantage of winning these prizes and it wasn't open to everyone - despite how much TRX you may hold. Tron also leaked that it would be launching its own form of Wikipedia, held on the TRON blockchain. Odessey 2.0 Updates TRON Odyssey 2.0 accumulated 2,153 commits, merged 547 forks, released 15 software iterations, and added 102 new features. Yesterday, TRON announced TRX would be added to CoinEx June 6th. The team has also increased its bug bounty reward, to find code flaws in its main net, to $10 million. The bug bounty will continue until June 24th. At press time, TRX is trading at $0.0603 a coin, up 2.58%, in 24 hours. Featured Image: Bombardier

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