TRON (TRX) Odyssey 2.0 Launched – TRX Down -40%

TRON (TRX) - Last night at 11 PM EST, the Tron main net officially launched in Shanghai. Many expected this main net launch to propel the price of TRX to all-time highs, but it did quite the opposite. In the month of may, TRX has dropped nearly -40% and this week alone, TRX has fallen over -15%. While this is just the very beginning of what the project seeks to do, it seems investor confidence is not quite there. Most of the coins in the top 15 are making considerable gains on the market today, while TRX remains in the red. You can view the Tron Team's live stream from its main net launch party below. It also remains unknown if the live stream to the main net launch also threw investors off. The information given in the 70-minute video was a reiteration of what has been dripped out by the Tron team within the last two months. There was a token giveaway during the live stream - not a big surprise. Still, it remains unclear as to what has halted investors in investing more into Tron on its launch day. >> Tron Independence Day Post Launch Justin Sun tweeted directly after his live stream about the $100K Bug Bounty they are holding on the Tron Main Net from June 1st- 24th. On June 25th, all TRX tokens will be migrated over to the Tron blockchain and will be completely removed from Ethereum. This is the day the Tron team is calling "Independence Day." It also seems that John McAfee has jumped on the Tron train. Although, it may not be for its tech, but more for the 'beautiful women' participating on a team in Tron's Super Representative Election - eye roll. Another big announcement made today, is that OKEx has joined the Tron token migration and will be handling all the technical aspects of it for investors. All major exchanges that exchange TRX are now participating in this migration, which is great news for investors holding TRX. At press time, TRX is trading at $0.0603 a coin, down -0.87%, in 24 hours. What do you think has caused the price of TRX to drop? Marketing tactics? The live stream? Other Altcoins outperforming TRX? Leave your comments below! Featured Image: YouTube

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