TRON [TRX]: Justin Sun Wants to Give YOU Your Dream Home

TRON [TRX] - The TRON main net launch is just two weeks away. To kick off this momentous event, the Tron Foundation has had a ton of things up their sleeve. They've just announced their latest marketing tactic, which looks very similar to their joint tactic back in December. Dream Home It seems that Justin Sun has upped the prize since the last giveaway. Just before Christmas, TRON teamed up with Binance to give away various prizes. However, it was met with vast criticism and it's surprising they decided to do it again. One user by the name of Johnny Widlacki tweeted: Another investor by the name of thecryptomeriff echoed the same response as the last by saying: Hopefully, the TRON team will alter the rules and open it up to everyone this go-around. I mean, but one thing giveaways don't tell you is the day-to-day cost of upkeep for these prizes. Can the average person afford to pay the property taxes or homeowners insurance on a mansion? No. Can an average person afford the maintenance of a Maserati? No. It's a flawed system. The giveaway pump tactic to get investors to buy more cryptocurrency is insanely deceptive and gives crypto a bad name. What the Tron Foundation should focus on that would benefit everyone, is continue to build out the TRON. Give content creators a platform that allows them to completely control their content. Stop with the flashy giveaways and stick to building out a revolutionary product. That's what this crypto space and investors need - not a dream home or a flashy sports car. Comments? Concerns? Leave it below. >> TRON Token Swap Details Featured Image: Merchant

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