TRON (TRX) Launches the Sun Network V1.0 Sidechain Scaling Solution

TRON (TRX) has announced the release of the Sun Network V1.0, which is a sidechain scaling solution officially being introduced by the TRON Foundation.

Sun Network V1.0 to Offer Unlimited Scaling Capability

The Sun Network V1.0 released is expected to enhance and offer unlimited scaling capacity to the platform’s mainnet. This will supposedly ensure dApps are running efficiently with high security while at the same time consuming less energy on TRON. Since the Sun Network V1.0 integrates several scaling projects such as smart contracts, cross-chain communications, dAppChain, and optimized application sidechain, it will offer 100 times scalability solutions to users. The Sun Network is different from other scaling solutions because of two distinct features. To begin with, it enhances smart contract transactions with the main focus being to improve the TPS of the transactions on the mainnet, and it significantly lowers transaction fees. The other distinct feature is the ability of the sidechain enabling requirements to be personalized, such as transaction rates, setting sidechain incentives, as well as confirmation of speed, among other characteristics. >> Bitcoin Hash rate Hits 80 Quintillion for the First Time

Scalability Solution Growing in Adoption

The expansion plan for the second layer scalability solution was initially revealed by TRON this spring with a testnet launch of the network done in late May. The company stated at the time that it had plans to unveil an optimization process for enhancing the ability to use the network as well as facilitate the deployment of sidechains by September. Generally, the solution will offer unlimited scalability to the mainnet, which will thus ensure there is an array of possibilities for the dApps as well as the entire ecosystem. TRON’s CEO and Founder Justin Sun said that since the launch of TVM in October last year, there are over 500 dApps on the network. He says that the total account number on the network is close to 3 million with over 410 million secure transactions taking place since the launch of the mainnet. Featured image: DepositPhotos ©

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