Two Teachers Mine for Ethereum Using School’s Power

Teachers mine for ethereum
Teachers Mine for Ethereum: Mining for cryptocurrency comes with its controversy. Energy consumption is already the most eyebrow-raising aspect. So what about using the local school's computers to mine for Ethereum... during school time? Oh, and you're the principal of the school. This is exactly what happened in Hunan Province, China.

Teachers Mine for Ethereum: What Happened?

According to Hong Kong news outlet HK01, two Puman Middle School principals were caught using the school's power to mine Ethereum. The school's general manager noticed the computers' fans were louder than normal and this raised questions. This was even during the holiday period. The IT network had slowed greatly, and energy consumption doubled between July and November. The two principals in question are Lei Hua and vice principal Wang Zhipeng. The pair had installed $7,000 worth of computers (nine computers) and were using the school's power to mine Ethereum. Hua had initially set up the rigs at his home, but he soon discovered the high cost that mining requires. Shocked at the energy bill, he then installed the computers in a school dormitory.

Teachers Mine for Ethereum, Stealing Power

Installing the computers in the school meant he effectively stole $2,163 worth of power—the amount required to mine. Since the incident, the principal has lost his position at the school, and the vice principal has been given a strict warning. >> Square's Bitcoin (BTC) Profits Jump $500,000 in Q3

Mining Cryptocurrencies

Mining for cryptocurrencies is a notoriously expensive feat and has become a massive business in recent years. If you want to make a serious profit in mining for Bitcoin, for example, you need machines that can run in the thousands. The more energy that is burned, the faster your computer can compute the complex mathematical equations, meaning you are more likely to 'win' Bitcoin. To put it in perspective, mining for one block on the Bitcoin network reportedly costs the same amount of energy as powering a small house in a year. Featured Image: Depositphotos/© ArturVerkhovetskiy

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