Ripple Swell Conference Day One Wrap-Up

Ripple Swell Conference
Ripple's annual Swell conference concluded its first day yesterday. This year, the company is hosting the event in San Francisco, California. Last year, the Ripple Swell Conference was held in Toronto, Ontario, and was three days in total. This year, Ripple packed the conference into two days and kicked it off with an on-stage Q&A with former US President Bill Clinton.

Ripple Swell Conference Day One Brad Garlinghouse took the stage after the lunch break and discussed Ripple's core mission—the Internet of Value. Garlinghouse explained, “It’s about the opportunity to be a builder—to partner with industry and enable something that hasn’t yet been seen: the dawn of another era in globalization.” Unlike the rest of the crypto world, Ripple is centered around working with the existing global financial services industry to build, rather than disrupt. You can imagine that this has caused some definite controversy, as much of the crypto sphere feels Ripple's 'centralized' nature goes completely against what digital currencies were meant to be. Take a listen to Garlinghouse's speech and tell me what you think in the comments below.

Banco Santander and Ripple

Next, Ed Metzger, the head of Innovation at Banco Santander, spoke about its product One Pay FX. One Pay FX is the world's first mobile application for cross-border payments that is powered by RippleNet. At the Ripple Swell Conference, Metzger described his financial institution's journey with Ripple. Currently, Banco Santander currently has 140 million retail and commercial customers across the globe. With its customer base all over, its retail customers are now expecting more out of the bank. >> Ethereum News: Parity Technologies Adds Casper Code and Joe Lubin Invests in Competitor “One of our customers was in Italy on holiday and parked in the wrong place,” Metzger shared. “He needed to pay a fine and didn’t have his banking card. He was able to use the app to immediately pay the fine, and stop his car from being towed away.” The Banco Santander exec told the crowd that it only took four or five clicks to do something that would've taken hours and even days in the past.

Ripple Swell Conference Day One Conclusion Ripple concluded day one of the conference with a performance from the Counting Crows. Talk about a day. Featured Image:

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