What’s Happening with Ripple? An XRP Giveaway, Codius is Back and More!

Ripple News

The week is almost over, but that’s not slowing down the crypto market, or stopping Ripple (XRP) from making headlines. In fact, on Wednesday, there’s quite a bit of Ripple news making its way around. Plus, XRP is trading in the green zone, so that’s a bonus! 

Before we get to the actual news, let’s look at some XRP price news. 

Ripple Daily Chart | June 6, 2018

XRP is currently selling for $0.67. This puts XRP up 1.21% in the past twenty-four hours. 

Ripple News

Source: CoinMarketCap

Ripple News 

Ripple has already had a busy week, from donating $50M to Universities on Monday to being listed on the SBI Holdings crypto exchange. However, the company made headlines today for another reason. Well, three reasons, to be exact. 

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Ripple News  – Yahoo Finance Crypto Summit

It has been announced that on June 14, Cory Johnson, the company’s chief market strategist, will be presenting at the Yahoo Finance crypto summit. Johnson will be joining a number of other executives at the San Francisco-based summit, such as Coinbase CTO Balaji Srinivasan and Ethereum cofounder Joseph Lubin.

Some people seem to be excited about seeing these platforms being in the same room together.

Ripple News – Codius is Back!

Today, the former CTO of Ripple released implementations for his smart contracts platform. The platform, named Codius, was actually released by Ripple four years ago, but the project was shelved before it got a chance to take off. Now that Stefan Thomas has departed from the company, he is relaunching the smart contracts platform, ultimately going up against Ethereum (ETH).

What do you think about Mr. Thomas relaunching the Codius smart contracts platform?

Ripple News – XRP Giveaway

This is another piece of trending XRP news. On Wednesday, word surfaced that Nigel Green — CEO of the deVere Group, plans on offering 15 free XRP coins to any individual that has downloaded its app. Further, you have to at least trade $50 this month to be eligible for the free XRP coins. 

The Ripple Takeaway

What do you think of all that happened within the Ripple universe this week? Are you going to be attending the Yahoo Finance crypto summit next week to hear XRP speak? Let me know! 

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