Ripple Receives Boost with ECB Change in Leadership

There is good news for the blockchain industry, especially Ripple (XRP), following the leadership change at ECB. Mario Draghi is leaving as the head of ECB, and he is being replaced by IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde.

Change in ECB Leadership Good News for Ripple

Christine Lagarde taking over spells good times for blockchain as a growing and disrupting technology because her tenure is expected to be supportive of the industry.  Besides being among those top leaders who have openly endorsed blockchain and cryptocurrency, Lagarde is specifically focused on Ripple and its associated products. She believes that proper regulation of the industry will enhance trust, and her enthusiasm and acknowledgment of Ripple has been bullish for XRP. Ripple is benefitting with its relationship with the White House as its top management team has friends in the Trump Administration who can help further their agenda. Corry Johnson, the ex-Chief Marketing Strategist, indicated that Ripple has consistently been communicating with White House officials. Ripple's objective is not to compete with SWIFT, which is currently leading the market with over 11,000 banks across the globe using its network. Ripple’s Global Banking Head, Marjan Delantine, indicates that the platform is aiming to complement the existing rival networks. >> Monero (XMR) Jumps 6% On New Exchange Listing Hopes

Growing Momentum to Take XRP Past 50 Cents

Currently, XRP is reacting from $0.40, which is seen as a significant support level bringing XRP closer to the breakout pattern versus the USD. Buyers are currently in control of XRP as the near-term trend depends on the buyer. In the event it builds enough momentum, XRP could go past $0.50 after trading high volumes, and XRP price is expected to leap to $0.80. However, losses below $0.34 are not good for holders as it will scare traders, and such a shock will initiate panic sells reminiscent of those witnessed in the first quarter 2019 when support was $0.30. Deep losses, although unexpected, will most likely cancel the upward trend. Featured image: DepositPhotos © Violka08

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