Ripple Backs Chinese Blockchain Research Scholarship

Blockchain Research Scholarship

Ripple is supporting a major Chinese research university to launch a blockchain research scholarship. The news was confirmed earlier this week.

Blockchain Research Scholarship

The scholarship program is being run by the Institute for Fintech Research at Beijing’s Tsinghua University (THUIFR) in collaboration with Ripple.

Beijing's Tsinghua University is one of the nine most prestigious universities in China, collectively known as the C9 League.

The Program

Called the Blockchain Technology Research Scholarship Program (BRSP), the program aims to find and mentor the best graduate students in China in 2019. These students will study global blockchain regulations and industry development and will be privy to advanced knowledge in the blockchain space. They will also attend corporate events and industry-themed visits. The result will be a highly-educated, skilled group of people ready to be effective in the blockchain workforce.

Blockchain Research Scholarship Means Careers

With blockchain technology surging across the globe, the demand for skilled labor in the area is hard to meet. Ivy Gao, Director of International Cooperation and Development at THUIFR, reiterated the importance of this educational program in contributing to the blockchain industry. On the news, Ripple's representative stated earlier today on Twitter that the company is “excited to work with Tsinghua University Institute for Fintech Research [...] and help develop the next generation talent for blockchain in China!” >> ING Bank Teams Up with R3 in a Five-Year Blockchain Deal

Blockchain Research Scholarship with Ripple

Ripple has been a pioneering blockchain company by actively seeking to collaborate with universities across the globe. It launched its University Blockchain Research Initiative back in June 2018, whereby it invested $50 million USD in blockchain education programs at 17 universities worldwide. Ripple has the right idea; this is not just altruism for the sake of it. To survive, blockchain will need people to maintain and develop it for years to come. By educating this current generation of college goers in what are the next technological milestones, it means the technology can thrive. The goal is simple: to support education in the blockchain and crypto space and develop skilled entrepreneurs and the next generation of blockchain careers. Featured Image: Depositphotos © membio

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