ETH p2p Market “LocalEthereum” starts the week with a nice overhaul

Have you ever used LocalBitcoins? If so, you're going to love LocalEthereum. There are only a few options out there if you want to buy and sell coins. The most popular one - using coin Exchanges, comes with a risk as you have to rely on the services of a trusted third party. In fact, hacks and exit-scams seem are becoming more common despite the daily efforts made by authorities and exchange houses to combat this problem. LocalEthereum is not exactly a traditional "Exchange." Firstly, it offers personalized treatment; the platform was intended to serve as an ETH P2P market in which buyers and sellers, buy and manage their resources directly through smart-contracts (it looks more like Amazon rather than a traditional exchange). FIAT deposits are made by the buyer directly to the seller's bank account (not like the exchange houses that give you virtual money after making a deposit). They offer other payment options such as PayPal, MPesa and even give the option of cash delivered personally person to person. This provides more convenience and wider options to its user base.   LocalEthereum was launched in July last year, using the experience of LocalBitcoin and adapting it to the growing demand of the world's second largest crypto. Since then, the platform has gradually increased and with a reasonable acceptance rate, they have decided to improve the user experience even further with some changes that seem to be positive.

ETH P2P Market Upgrades: Offer Management Redesigned From Scratch

One of the most striking features introduced was the option to pause all offers. A handy solution for traders who publish on various types of payment and when faced with a particular situation (for example; an abrupt fall in prices or simply a gut-feeling) want to pause all existing operations without canceling them or having to check them one by one.

Has A Nicer And Cleaner Interface

While the "old" graphical interface was nice, the LocalEthereum team worked hard to make it even better. They maintain the sober design that characterizes them, but with a minimalist approach that allows users to quickly access the options that previously had to be searched through drop-down menus. The reason, according to the team goes beyond aesthetics and seeks to emphasize those small details that make the User experience a little better: "Why (did we changed the UI)? Because most pages were always at least two clicks away previously. Now you can get to those pages with just one-click, and the key information is there with zero-clicks: e. g. how many offers you have running, and how many trades are currently in progress." For comparison, this is a view of the “old interface”: And this is a view of the new interface:

More Options For Determining Prices

Users can now choose the rates of different exchanges according to their preference, develop their formulas, select conditionals, etc. "Using the price equation editor, you can write simple or complex code that pulls data from many exchanges. For most markets, you can play around with the ticker price, the 24-hour highs, and lows and the current bid and ask spreads". However, novice users can always choose the easy way and let the system do it for them (as it was done before). >>Buterin Warns Ethereum Coins Could Hit $0 At ANY Time

A Much Better Translation:

Now, non-English speakers can enjoy a much more "natural" experience when using LocalEthereum services. The formal or "robotic" style of language has already been left behind, and soon the quantities format will appear according to local preferences. (While in some North American countries $100,000 is a large sum of money, for other countries such as South American nations, that amount would simply be $100) The platform team has promised to never rest on its eagerness to innovate and still have many changes yet to be implemented: "While the platform works fine, there is still a lot on our to-do list. We made a pledge in last year to keep on building and to never let the technology stagnate. We're always thinking of new ways to make trading Ether on the blockchain faster, safer, cheaper and easier for everyone." A good sign for those who prefer to sell their ethereum in a much safer way than the options provided by traditional exchanges - anETH P2P Market is the way forward.  Featured Image: Twitter

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