MPWR’s QuadrigaCX Talk: Amy Said It Best, How the Hell Did We Get Here?

Vancouver, BC. March 13th 2019 - - Amy Castor, freelance blockchain and crypto journalist, took the stage Tuesday afternoon at the MPWR Crypto Mining Summit 2019 to break down the incredibly engaging topic of QuadrigaCX. The talk attracted a sold out room filled with crypto enthusiasts, founders and CEO’s of leading companies such as Bitfarms, Hive Blockchain, Outlier Solutions and Mining Sky, to hear the story of how a Vancouver based company experienced the deep downfall the crypto and blockchain industry can cause. Amy’s comprehensible outline of the case was both eye opening and informative. The room erupted with questions ranging from the staggering security oversight, exchange steps and logistics, and Quadriga's time line facts. Amy explained, “People got hurt and lost money, and it is getting international attention. This is why we should care and take further action towards the impacts of all crypto and the future of other exchanges.” Quadriga is a tipping point to the industry’s faulty security and burning realization that we have only scratched the surface to understanding exchange and crypto currencies. Amy’s extensive research on the QuadrigaCX case has appeared on BBC, and continues to attract international interest. —- Amy Castor is an independent journalist and freelance writer. She has become captivated by bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Her stories on the topic have appeared in The Block, Bitcoin Magazine, CoinDesk and Forbes. Her latest work including several pieces on QuadrigaCX can be found at _____________________________________________________________________________________________

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