MPWR Crypto Summit Confirms Millennials Will be Enhancing The Digital Space

Vancouver, BC. March 13th 2019 - - The topic of misinformed crypto practice and where the future of cryptocurrency is heading was a common theme during Monday’s MPWR Crypto Mining Summit 2019. Wes Fulford, CEO of Bitfarms and Dina Matterson, BC Hydro representative, brought forth the powerful concept of millennials leading the multi-layered space.
Wes Fulford, CEO of Bitfarms
Fulford presented the idea that generation Y captivates a new buying behaviour, encouraging the crypto currency pattern to progress, adapt and enhance to a playing ground understood by society. Bitfarms has initiated a partnership with the students of École De Technologie (ETS) in Montreal, towards developing new applications and growth in the industry. “BC is a great place for mining companies that are looking to supply their operations with low cost and clean power. We ensure clean energy resources fulfill future demands and initiatives” BC Hydro’s, Dina Matterson says. The clean energy topic is an increasingly important subject to the next generation. It is an important puzzle piece to educating ourselves on the crypto currency landscape and leading with green practice in mind. —-
Dina Matterson, BC Hydro
Wes Fulford, Canadian powerhouse and CEO of BitFarms, which is one of North America’s largest vertically integrated blockchain infrastructure and cryptocurrency mining companies. Prior to joining Bitfarms, Wes led the financial institutions and fintech investment banking practice for one of Canada’s largest financial institutions, Desjardins Group, and during his career has led over 100 successful financings and M&A transactions. Dina Matterson is a Business Development Manager with the Business & Economic Development team at BC Hydro. Dina works to proactively attract new customers to British Columbia by identifying the barriers to locating in B.C., and working collaboratively with key BC Hydro business groups, governments and non-government organizations to develop solutions to remove those barriers. ____________________________________________________________________________________

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