NFT Sales Hit Lowest Point Since October


In May, global non-fungible token (NFT) sales witnessed a notable decline, totaling $604 million, marking the lowest monthly performance since October and the first month of the year with sales below $1 billion.

Ethereum, renowned as the leading blockchain for NFT sales, experienced a dip in sales, recording $164 million in May, the lowest since September. The network also saw a decrease in unique buyers, with only 56,914 recorded, the lowest count since June 2021.

Similarly, the Bitcoin network observed a downturn in NFT sales, with monthly sales totaling $160 million, the lowest since October. The network also reported a decline in both buyers and sellers, marking the lowest count for the year.

Contrary to the overall trend, Solana showcased resilience in NFT activity. Despite the sales slump in major blockchains, Solana recorded $93 million in monthly sales, the first time it fell below $100 million since last November. Solana set new records for monthly unique buyers and sellers, with 346,229 and 594,555 addresses, respectively.

However, despite the heightened activity, Solana witnessed a decline in the average NFT price, with an average monthly sales value of $37.8, the lowest this year. Despite the challenges faced by the NFT market in May, Solana’s performance highlights its growing prominence in the NFT space.

Featured Image: Freepik

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