Ripple Revamped Its Website for RippleNet and XRP Takes Off

new Ripple website
The Ripple website has just undergone some shocking changes, and they haven't gone unnoticed by the cryptocurrency community. Before, Ripple had three payment platforms it was promoting, but now there's a new Ripple website that's all about the RippleNet product.

The New Ripple Website

When you log onto the Ripple website, the first thing you'll see now are the words "Join RippleNet" and a video you can click on to explaining RippleNet below it. Ripple now has RippleNet as its sole payment solution for global banks and financial institutions. Before, Ripple Labs offered xCurrent, xRapid, and xVia to its customers. A Twitter user quickly noticed the missing solutions, which sparked a wide debate. One user responded:

"Convergence, I guess. 50,000 transactions per second is with payment channels. (Add @Interledger and $XRP can scale to trillions of transactions per second.)"

Ripple's xCurrent platform was being tested by over 100+ financial institutions for cross-border payments. xCurrent did not use XRP on its platform, but Ripple's xRapid product does use XRP—providing institutions with liquidity. >> XRP Temporarily Passes Ethereum It seems that RippleNet has taken the place of xRapid, and XRP is used on the RippleNet platform. It remains unknown at this time what will happen with the xCurrent trials currently taking place with the banks and financial institutions the company was working with.

XRP on the Rise

After investors noticed that Ripple revamped its website, XRP took off. For the second time in just five days, XRP took the 2nd largest cryptocurrency spot today, passing Ethereum (ETH) yet again. Last Friday, XRP temporarily passed ETH for the first time in months but both of these times didn't last long. Just like last time, today ETH regained its spot within hours. However, XRP is making a run for it this morning and is seeing significant gains on the crypto market. Potentially due to the new website design (or perhaps over excitement for RippleNet), XRP is currently trading at $0.546 a coin, up 19.55% in 24 hours. Will XRP pass ETH again today? We shall see! Featured Image: Depositphotos/© volodymyrshtun

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