Hacker Who Sold User-data for $2.6M in Bitcoin, Receives 10-Year Sentence

just eat hacker

Grant West, the 26-year-old Just Eat hacker, was sentenced to 10 years in prison after the trial -resulting from a massive scam he perpetrated in 2015 – has ended.

According to reports by the BBC, the scamming process lasted just five months during which Mr. West was responsible for sending bogus emails to over 165,000 people pretending to be part of the Just Eat fast food chain.

The Just Eat Hacker

In the emails, he offered a £10GBP coupon to clients in exchange for filling out a survey about customer satisfaction with the services provided.

However, the survey also required there to be personal data filled out that many did in the belief they were doing it confidentially.

just eat hacker

(courtesy BBC)

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West subsequently compiled this data and sold it on the Deep Web to other scammers through the now-defunct Dark Market known as Alpha Bay. He used the pseudonym “Courvoisier” for this purpose.

just eat hacker

(courtesy: BBC)

According to official information, he was able to raise £2 million worth in crypto (approximately $2.6M USD) from the sale of the “Fullz.”

After tracking him down, the police were able to capture him on a train from Ryll to London.

Subsequent investigations concluded that there was no attack on Just Eat’s internal servers or systems; however, the losses caused totaled figures in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

When police Raided Mr. West’s House, they found an sd card with the details of at least 63,000 credit cards, £2 million worth in crypto, 500gr of cannabis, seven million email addresses with passwords, and the corporate information of more than 500 companies.

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According to the judge, the operation was a “one man cybercrime wave.” His words about West’s actions were harsh:

“When such inadequate security is confronted with a criminal of your skills and ambition it is totally unfit for purpose and worthless…

This case should be a wake-up call to customers, companies and the computer industry to the very real threat of cybercrime.”

Mr. West, who pleaded guilty to the charges, received a 10-year sentence, while his girlfriend, Rachael Brookes, 26, was accused of trying to sell stolen information taken by her boyfriend, received a community order after pleading guilty to unauthorized access of computer material.

Featured Image: twitter

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