Top Crypto Wallets Of 2018


best crypto wallet Exodus

Wallet Type: Desktop Wallet

Cryptocurrency Support: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash, Golem, Augur, Decred, EOS, Aragon, Gnosis, OmiseGo, Qtum, Basic Attention Token, Civic, SALT, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum Classic, FunFair, and District0x.

Exodus is one of the newer desktop wallets to enter into the crypto scene, with a dynamic design that offers a well of charts and personalization features. It also offers access to 11 of the world’s top cryptocurrencies. The goal of Exodus is to give you complete control over the cryptocurrencies you own. It offers a user-friendly platform that was designed for people who have never used a crypto exchange.

Compatible With

Exodus is compatible with Windows (64-bit), Mac OS, and Linux. Users also have the option of joining Exodus on the popular messaging platform Slack.

One of the unique features about Exodus is its full compatibility with ShapeShift, which is a popular instant cryptocurrency exchange that supports dozens of tokens. This gives Exodus users access to all of these cryptocurrencies.

The Cost

Exodus will charge a transaction fee every time your payment is processed. The fees will be distributed to the appropriate blockchain network (Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.). The fees are not manually set because Exodus prioritizes speed and reliability, so it adjusts fees according to changes on the blockchain.

Security Features

Exodus encrypts any blockchain assets stored directly on your computer, allowing them to be 100% in your control. However, Exodus will never store any of your private keys on its own servers, despite the backup system in place. The backup system is solely a safety feature in case your computer breaks. The Exodus team will also email you a secure link to reactivate your wallet if anything happens to it. This link is protected by a 12-word passphrase and Exodus ‘key.’ A recently added feature is the ability for you to restore the 12-word passphrase by clicking a button on the password screen.

One let down of Exodus is that it doesn’t provide any two-factor authentication, as if the case for many other wallets.

Adding Currency

After purchasing crypto with fiat currency, they can be transferred into your Exodus wallet, assuming it is a token supported by Exodus.

Sending and Receiving Payments

Sending and receiving payments can be done directly through your Exodus wallet.

To send a payment, click the ‘Wallet’ button on the left sidebar. Choose the token you would like to send. After entering the address of the recipient you are sending to, click on the ‘Send’ button.

To receive a payment, click the ‘Wallet’ button on the left sidebar. Choose the token you would like to receive. The address for that token will appear. Provide this address to the person you are receiving funds from. They will then be able to send you funds.

The Exodus Wallet

Exodus is unique in that it gives you access to the crypto exchange ShapeShift. With Exodus, you will be able to store cryptocurrencies directly on your desktop. It’s a lite wallet, which means you won’t ever have to download an entire blockchain to your computer. Exodus’s features give you control over your own cryptocurrency portfolio.

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