Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges 2018 – Infographic

Cryptocurrency Exchanges

The team at sent us a handy infographic to help you navigate your way through the crazy world that can be cryptocurrency exchanges.

The majority of the exchanges on the market can be somewhat confusing to navigate for the crypto newbie. They lack educational content and step by step instructions, on how to use their platforms. However, as more and more education drips out, cryptocurrency investors are moving away from the easy-to-use platforms with high fees such as Coinbase, and the more advanced exchanges such as Bittrex, Binance, and GDAX are preferred.

The infographic features the top cryptocurrency exchanges trending in 2018. It provides you with detailed information comparing them, from what fiat currency they support to their fees. Some of these exchanges may be online, partially online or desktop only versions, you will have to do the research for yourself on that one. Under the cryptocurrency exchanges, are a list of helpful tips when investing in these digital tokens. It can be difficult to decide which one to use – some cryptocurrency enthusiasts don’t care so much about the fee price but are set on security, other enthusiasts, trade daily, and security isn’t their primary concern. There are so many on the market but hopefully, this helps narrow down the decision for you.

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Top Crypto Exchanges for 2018

Source: BestBitcoin

Big thanks to the team at for putting together the infographic to help educate more individuals within the space. 

If we didn’t mention an exchange that you use in the infographic, please leave a comment below. Hope this helps your crypto trading!

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