Australian Crypto Exchange to Enable Ripple Trading This Week!

Independent Reserve trades Ripple
Independent Reserve trades Ripple: Cryptocurrencies elicit positive and negative reactions. Investors love them for their innovation and ability to make cash quickly. Without crypto exchanges supporting their growth, however, certain currencies would have gone under, mostly due to suspicion and speculation. Take Ripple (XRP), for instance. Over time, XRP has become a fan favorite, and yet, large institutions remain skeptical (i.e., Coinbase and the SEC). All but one, that is. Alone among these institutions, Sydney-based crypto exchange Independent Reserve is a clear exception.

Independent Reserve Trades Ripple

On Wednesday, in the wake of the latest Ripple lawsuit, word surfaced that Independent Reserve will add support for XRP later this week. This is big for two reasons. First, XRP has been denied support from certain crypto exchanges, due to it being unclear whether the coin is a security or not. Second, Independent Reserve is Australia's very first regulated crypto exchange. By supporting XRP, the third-largest currency by market cap, Independent Reserve is likely going to see a few benefits.

Ripple Trading Details

Independent Reserve first published the news yesterday, but it didn't really attract attention until Wednesday morning. In the post, the Australian crypto exchange noted the following details: - Independent Reserve will enable support for Ripple (XRP) on Saturday, July 7th. - Retail investors will be able to trade via its exchange - Institutional clients will be able to trade through over-the-counter-trading

Ripple Stock Price: XRP Daily Chart

So, did the Ripple trading news have an impact on XRP? Or was it the news of the latest Ripple lawsuit that took precedence? Well, it looks like the former won this battle. At press time, Ripple (XRP) is selling for $0.49. This means the coin is up 0.01% in the past twenty-four hours. It's very likely this could change as the trading day progresses.
Independent Reserve trades Ripple
Source: CoinMarketCap

The Takeaway

How do you feel about Ripple trading on Independent Reserve? Let us know in the comments below. >> The European Union is Urging Regulators Not to Ban Cryptocurrencies Featured Image: Twitter

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