Ethereum [ETH]: Vitalik Buterin Scouted by Google

Ethereum [ETH]
Ethereum [ETH] - Ethereum's [ETH] co-founder, Vitalik Buterin, seems to be a hot commodity in the tech space, as he tweeted two days ago that Google was actively trying to recruit him for a job. Buterin asked his followers if he should 'drop' Ethereum and work for Google and then tweeted a poll following the question.

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Surprisingly, there was a high volume of people that felt it was a good move for the founder to go to the tech giant. Buterin has since deleted the tweet and poll. Google is the epitome of centralization, and I'm sure some are scratching their heads as to why he'd even consider it. Having a crypto-trailblazer in the center of it all might be a genius move on his end, hence him flagging the google email as 'important.' Ethereum developers are steadily working on coming up with a solution for Ethereum's scalability issue. The likelihood that Buterin would ever jump ship seems to be extremely unlikely. Still, you can never say never. >> Devcon4 Dates Announced Philosophical Thoughts Buterin's twitter is always amusing to follow, as he's either trolling someone's work or posting things you wouldn't normally expect. Today is no exception. Earlier he tweeted: It is not uncommon for individuals with his background and intellect to take a belief and apply it to science. People have been trying to prove there is or is not an all-powerful (omnipotent) God for centuries. Buterin received some backlash for his tweet and tried to then clarify by saying: He continues by saying: Then people start going into the discussing of "which came first, the chicken or the egg?" Obviously, this is a dark rabbit hole full of numerous people's different beliefs. Surprising for him, as this isn't usually a topic he discusses. Are you trying to distract us from your 'sharding' improvement Vitalik? What's the deal? Featured Image: HighTech

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