Ethereum (ETH) Fake Twitter Giveaways Take Over – Get it Together Jack Dorsey

Ethereum [ETH]
Ethereum (ETH) - We've all seen it, the pinned posts from most cryptocurrency leaders on Twitter stating that they "are not giving away or accepting digital assets." Mostly, it revolves around the world's second largest cryptocurrency Ethereum [ETH], but it has made its way to other digital tokens as well. Ethereum's co-founder, Vitalik Buterin, has even gone as far as changing his Twitter name to "Vitalik "Not giving away ETH" Buterin. Yeah, that's how bad it is. It seems that the social media platform has yet to get a hold of their bot situation and it has been going on for months. Not sure what it would take to get this handled, but more safety features and stricter rules on accounts being made could help. Jack Dorsey, Twitter's CEO, responded to a complaint of fake accounts a few months ago via Twitter and said: Here we are three months later, and nothing. >> Coinbase Adds Ethereum Classic (ETC) Warnings Here are a few tips to help identify a fake account on Twitter.
  • Check the official @ handle of the twitter account.
(Notice the @Dolareando Twitter handle? Huobi Pro's official Twitter handle  is @Huobi_Pro.)
  • Check the number of followers and accounts following the page. Typically, scam accounts have small numbers of followers and accounts they follow.
  • If they are offering any sort of promotion or giveaway, it is more than likely a scam.
  • Check the length of how long the account has been open; you can see this by scrolling down their feed to see how far it goes. Typically, if it's a fake account, it will only have a handful of posts, and they will mostly be in the "Tweets and Replies" section of the Twitter page.
  • If you've gone over all the details from above and deem them suspicious flag Twitter and report them.
Here's another example below to help you out. Hopefully, Twitter can get this under control soon, because it puts cryptocurrency in a bad light and reaffirms most countries' perceptions of crypto as a way for criminals to scam investors - which they are currently doing in mass amounts. C'mon Dorsey, get it together! Featured Image: Canva

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