EOS’s Fourth Global Hackathon Announced for San Francisco

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In EOS news today, Block.one announced the location for its fourth EOS Global Hackathon.

EOS Global Hackathon

The fourth location for the EOS hackathon was released today by EOS's maker Block.one. It will take place in San Francisco, California on November 10-11th. Like all of the other events that have already taken place, the hackathon challenge will be released on the day of the event. Registration is $10 a person. Teams are allowed to participate in this event, but each team member must pay their fee separately. Block.one is now accepting applications for the fourth Hackathon event. >> First EOS Hackathon Results

Past Hackathons

The first EOS Hackathon was held in Hong Kong back on June 9-10th and had a total of 350 entrants composed of 90 teams from 17 different countries that participated! $144,000 USD was awarded at the event, and the top three teams will compete in the final hackathon in December. The second Hackathon was held in Sydney Australia on August 4-5th and had over 50 teams participate. The developers in the hackathon programmed for 26 consecutive hours. $144,000 USD was given out to the winners of the event, and the top three winners were all Australian teams. The third hackathon will be held in London, England on September 22-23rd. Block.one is still accepting registration for this event and the location has yet to be established. The CEO of Block.one, Brendan Blumer, and the company's CTO, Dan Larimer, are all excepted to be judges for the third hackathon event. Although the fourth event was announced today, the location within San Fran is still unknown. Block.one will also be announcing the grand finale hackathon location soon, but it is set to take place in December of this year. Have any guesses? New York? Paris? Toronto? Check back in for more EOS news. >> India Crypto Regulations Hopefully Finalized by End of 2018 Featured Image: Twitter

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