EOS Mainnet Launch: Block.one Confirms All Systems Are Go!

EOS mainnet launch
There was fear that after a vulnerability was discovered in the EOS code, the EOS mainnet launch might get delayed. But have no fear because that's not happening! Block.one confirms that all systems are a go and the EOS mainnet launch should still be coming out according to plan.

EOS Eliminates Panic

The EOS team tweeted out their reassurances that the EOS mainnet launch was still on schedule. Much of the panic was due to the vulnerability that was discovered by Qihoo 360, a Chinese internet security firm. The vulnerability was in fact fixed, but nervousness still lingered among some people. After being notified of the major flaw in their code, EOS promptly set to fixing the problem, which was shown to be resolved on Github. This vulnerability scare, however, did prompt EOS to take affirmative action to search for any more flaws in the system. Dan Larimer asked the community for help in their endeavors. This seems to be what caused people to remain concerned. If they're searching for bugs, does that mean there are bugs? Some have taken to Twitter to air their doubts, including some big names in the crypto community. The EOS team is likely just being cautious. If there are problems, they'll likely be able to fix them pretty quickly, seeing how quick they dealt with the Qihoo 360-discovered bug. As of now, the EOS mainnet launch is still happening when it's meant to happen. Until we hear otherwise (and hear from EOS itself), that's what we'll have to believe. What do you think about it all? >> EOS Token Registration Reminder: Register Before June 1st

EOS Price

EOS is currently selling for $11.96, which puts the coin down 2.83% in the past 24 hours.
EOS mainnet launch
Source: CoinMarketCap
EOS's current price may reflect the concern that is still floating around about the fate of the EOS mainnet launch. Will EOS be able to recover? >> What is EOS? Block.one Explains EOS Project through Series of Videos Featured image: Pexels via Pixabay

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