TRON [TRX] Announces Huge Plans to Take Down Ethereum [ETH]


TRON [TRX] – The TRON team is less than two weeks away from its main net launch. In that time, Tron will leave its Ethereum [ETH]-based ERC20 token behind and will become entirely independent. The Tron token will migrate on June 25th, after TRON’s main net has been thoroughly tested.

The TRON Foundation has been steady at work preparing for this monumental occasion with making sure all exchanges are on board with their TRX token swap and are even hosting a Tron Super Election to nail down governance from the get-go.

You would think the team would have its hands full, but it seems that their goal of building a strong and vast developing team for months after their ICO has really come to the rescue at go time.

Three days ago, the TRON Foundation announced a new pivot in its ramp up to the main net launch.

>> Tron Main Net Updates

Tron: Locked & Loaded

For those readers who don’t know what the Ethereum VM is, let me explain a little further. The Ethereum Virtual Machine serves as a runtime environment for Smart Contracts based on Ethereum. The VM is completely separate from the main network and every node running the Ethereum network runs its own EVM implementation.

So it seems that the TRON team is giving developers the ability to move their dApps currently on Ethereum to the new Tron VM.  Sneaky – we didn’t see this one coming!

However, one Twitter user seems unimpressed with the announcement and wants to see the fundamentals of the VM.

More details should be dripping out about the VM soon, as May 25th is just ten days away.

What dApps do you think will make the switch? Good move by TRON?

TRON Price Update

At press time, TRX is currently trading at $0.0700 a coin, down –5.82%, in 24 hours. For the week, TRX is down –12.63%, but for the month, the coin is up 67.4%.

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