Ripple News: Ashton Kutcher and Ripple Donate $4M to Ellen Wildlife Fund

Ashton Kutcher Donates to Ellen Wildlife Fund
Ashton Kutcher Donates to Ellen Wildlife Fund: It's been a week since Ripple announced its Xpring initiative, and now, we've just seen some more Ripple news surface. This time, however, it involves actor Ashton Kutcher and television host Ellen DeGeneres. 

Ripple News | Ashton Kutcher Donates to Ellen Wildlife Fund

On Wednesday, Ashton Kutcher was a guest on the Ellen DeGeneres show. It was here that Kutcher announced that he will be donating $4 million to the Ellen Wildlife Fund. Not only that, but the US actor will be doing so on behalf of Ripple. There are a few things to note about Ripple here. First, we have been told that Ripple and XRP are separate companies, but we also know that Ripple (XRP) is valued at a little over $24B, and Ripple, the company, holds 60% of the tokens. This means Kutcher's $4 million donations constituted roughly 0.03% of Ripple's holdings.  This is just the latest celebrity to go all in with crypto, but it's not a complete surprise. Mr. Kutcher has been very vocal about his support for the crypto space, and on Wednesday, the actor even highlighted that he has a stake in the company. He added that Ripple has a genuine passion for wanting to be an ethical company.

How Did Ellen React to the Ripple News?

Ashton Kutcher is excited, so is Ellen. The comedian published various statements, one thanking Kutcher, the other thanking the Ripple team. What are the masses saying, though? Are people reacting in a positive manner to the news? Because looking at the XRP coin, one might think that people aren't happy with the Ripple news. Why? Because Ripple (XRP) is currently selling for $0.596701. This puts XRP down 11.10% in the past twenty-four hours.  Ashton Kutcher Donates to Ellen Wildlife Fund

Source: CoinMarketCap

With that being said, Ripple (XRP) is likely down because of the ongoing crypto market decline. 

Ripple Community Responds

>>The Marshall Islands Issues Its Own Legal Tender Cryptocurrency Most people seem pretty excited about the Ripple news. In fact, many have taken to social media, particularly Twitter, to express their support for the donation. Here are a few tweets that stuck out: Featured Image: twitter

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