IOTA News: MIOTA Up, Foundation Adds Member, Speaks at Berlin Event

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IOTA News: The crypto markets are a sea of red Tuesday. All of the top-ten coins are currently down. That is, with the exception of IOTA (MIOTA). The IOTA Foundation seems to be a platform that cares immensely about creating connections with crypto and blockchain communities. Not only creating connections but also teaching these communities about IOTA (MIOTA) and blockchain itself. IOTA (MIOTA) also seems to focus on expanding its foundation from within. Maybe that's why IOTA (MIOTA) is the only top-ten coin in the green today. Or is there another reason? Let's see what we can find out.

IOTA (MIOTA) Daily Chart

Before we investigate various pieces of IOTA news, let's first talk numbers. IOTA (MIOTA) is currently selling for $1.97. This puts IOTA (MIOTA) up 0.05% in the past twenty-four hours. MIOTA is ranked as the ninth largest cryptocurrency. 

Source: CoinMarketCap

IOTA News | May 15, 2018

IOTA had a bad weekend and started the week off slow, but it's back up, verging the $2.00 price mark. So that's good news all around. Even the slightest turnaround is something to celebrate. But is there a specific piece of IOTA news that caused this green look that MIOTA is sporting today?  Well, there might be two explanations. Obviously, the IOTA Foundation joining the Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative at the start of the month was an important move.  That, and revealing the Qubic project. Many in the IOTA community were excited about the Qubic. However, those announcements may not be the reason the altcoin is in the green. It could be because the IOTA Foundation announced today that it added yet another new member to its team: Andrea Villa. Both the foundation's blog and the IOTA News Twitter confirmed the news about Villa. It seems the IOTA Foundation wants to expand from within, and this is just one of the many new additions to the foundation IOTA has announced over the past couple weeks. Last week, the IOTA Foundation announced that Mr. Michael Nilles had joined the team. Or, perhaps IOTA (MIOTA) is up 0.05% because of the foundation's Director of Social Impact and Public Regulatory Affairs. Today, in Berlin, at the Cube Tech Fair, Julie Maupin discussed a number of things. Some of the topics included cryptocurrency, government, and blockchain. This is just one of the many conferences and fairs the IOTA Foundation has spoken at around the globe over the past few months. Furthermore, on May 14, the IOTA News Twitter posted the following:

IOTA Community Response

So, what's the IOTA community saying? Have they taken to social media to express their opinions? We did some digging on Twitter, and these are a few tweets that stood out.  >>Ripple News: XRP Down, Xpring News, Community Night at Consensus 2018

The IOTA News Takeaway

Do you have any thoughts on the IOTA Foundation? What about MIOTA? Also, happy Consensus 2018 and NYC Blockchain Week! Featured Image: twitter

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