Bitcoin Exchange Platform Coinbase Becomes #1 Trending iOS App

Bitcoin Exchange Platform Coinbase

Coinbase has officially become the top trending search in the iOS App Store.

Bitcoin was busy breaking records when the American Thanksgiving holiday arrived. Since the weekend, bitcoin price has risen around $1,600. The increase can perhaps be attributed to word of mouth about the preeminent cryptocurrency. The effect of this grassroots movement can’t be properly gauged, but support for the Coinbase App Store is a good indication.

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The achievement was discovered by a Reddit user, who posted a screenshot on the popular social media platform.

CCN also noted that it widely considered the app to be the easiest way to draw new users into the cryptocurrency ecosystem and that the company has been registering more than one million new users per month during the latter half of the year.

With that being said, the expansion has not come without some difficulty. Customer complaints have surged, and the exchange website has gone offline on multiple occasions during a period of intense volume.

Featured Image: depositphotos/kaprikM

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