Ethereum ETN Offered by UK Asset Manager

Ethereum ETN

Asset manager Hargreaves Lansdown, based in the UK, has added two cryptocurrency ‘exchange-traded notes’ to its investment options. Both are considered an ethereum ETN.

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The two ethereum-tied ETN’s include COINETH:SS and  COINETHE:SS that seem to be dominating the euro and sweden’s currency the krona. Months before this move, the company offered its client base a little access to the crypto market.

The new ethereum trade notes emerged four months after Hargreaves Lansdown offered a bitcoin ETN. In June the firm boasted more than £61 billion in assets under management last year. The ETNs are traded on Sweden’s NASDAQ exchange.

Both offer investors exposure to cryptocurrency through investment instruments. The news report announcing the ETN quoted Danny Cox, head of communications at Hargreaves Lansdown, describing the offering as a “complex investment” for select investors.

Featured Image: unsplashkatekrivanec

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