Byzantium: Ethereum’s Blockchain Software Update Achieved

The Ethereum Byzantium update is now complete. The fifth hard fork to take place on Ethereum, the second largest cryptocurrency, launched on Oct 16th at 5:22 UTC. This update included a batch of Ethereum improvement protocols (EIPs) designed to enhance the platform. According to CoinMarketCap data, the price per dollar of ether swung back and forth in the run-up before it rose over 2 percent following its start to $348. Metropolis was the first official name of the upgrade introduced to the Ethereum roadmap back in 2015. It was so large that it caused substantial delays and needed to be broken into two different phases - Byzantium and Constantinople (the release date for the latter is still unknown). There have been disagreements among the community in regards to the code changed included in the upgrade, however. The fork is Ethereum’s first major upgrade since interest in this technology has risen exponentially earlier this year. It largely has to do with the ICO token’s that were sent using Ethereum’s ERC-20 token standard. The process leading up to the deadline was a bit hairy at times, running into errors with the software itself. Byzantium-enabled software in these few days was retracted due to the discovery of critical bugs in the code. Developers worked around the clock to get this errors fixed just nearly before the official launch, with the serious consideration of its postponement. Developers have begun to celebrate the transition on social media. There is no sign of a minority fork according to the current fork logs. Featured Image: twitter

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