EOSIO 1.0 Update: What You Need to Know about Upcoming EOS Launch


EOS has long been gearing up for the launch of EOSIO 1.0. Today, Block.one, the team behind EOS, released an update on EOSIO 1.0 that explains how developers can use the EOSIO software.

The update clears up the confusion about who, or what is launching the EOS blockchain. The EOS blockchain “can only be launched by communities […] they can’t be launched by any centralized party,” explained Brendan Blumer, CEO of Block.one. This is because the EOS blockchain is a distributed consensus mechanism.

“We build the open-source software,” said Blumer, that then goes onto the community to deliver on, or create, the value.

Block.one is neither launching nor operating the public blockchain itself. Instead, it is providing the tools for the community, for developers to build up from the EOS software. EOS engineer Bart Wyatt emphasizes the importance of the community taking control to make the project truly decentralized.

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Already, “there are several community-driven efforts to utilize our software to launch one or more chains,” the update stated. It then warned of the potential frauds that may appear:

“Scammers may attempt to utilize this time to launch chains and/or distribute software designed to steal your private keys. Please remember to carefully read and review everything associated with a project before taking any action.”

The EOSIO software is meant to be played with, to be built upon. This is a great way to encourage entrepreneurial development. But it also means that there could be an infinite amount of EOS blockchains being developed and EOS itself can’t be responsible for them all. It can’t fix all the bugs; it is the responsibility of the developer who takes the EOS software and turns it into something of their own to then resolve any issues that occur.

Block.one will continue to work on the EOSIO reference software after EOSIO 1.0 launches. They will continue to make improvements to the software so that the projects developed on it remain strong.

“Maximum decentralization will be achieved when all these different blockchains are competing to find the best solution for mankind,” ended Dan Larimer, the EOS CTO.

As the launch of EOSIO 1.0 approaches, EOS is currently selling for $13.31. Although the coin is down for the day by 7.33%, it is up by 59.4-% for the month.

Are you excited for EOSIO?

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