Dentacoin Begins To Deflate After Record Increase

Detacoin Begins To Deflate

Customers and investors were elated yesterday after a feverish weekend which saw Dentacoin’s value peak at $0.006993 USD, an enormous increase from Friday’s closing time value of $0.001084 USD. Today, prices are down -30.57%, bringing the value per coin down to a modest $0.004262. Though still a grand improvement from earlier in December, potential buyers might hang tight for the moment as the currency steadies.

The Dentistry-based alt-coin has garnered a great deal of attention over recent weeks as it attempts to turn the private dental industry on its head. Jumping on the blockchain bandwagon, Dentacoin is changing the faces of dental insurance and equipment trading by decentralizing dental and payment records and of course, money transfers. In doing so it ensures that data is in the hands of customers and dentists alone while also negating high international transfer costs.

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But enough about that. Is it too late to buy Dentacoin or not?

It’s unclear when the next surge in popularity will be, or whether there will even be one. It could be the case that we will see instead a steady rise over the long-term instead of a skyrocketing one as firms continue to slowly implement the currency into their financial models. So what can we expect from Dentacoin now that the weekend’s hype is faltering and prices are falling? Even before the huge surge, Dentacoin was making leaps and bounds in acquiring partners on a global scale, with dentistries such as the UK’s F3T Dental Clinic and India’s Dentech Dental Care now accepting Dentacoin as a form of payment. This puts Dentacoin in a position of power, now being cemented in the industry in a tangible sense rather than just another alt-coin floating around in cyberspace. Plus, the dental industry itself is a huge one. According to research by the Health Policy Institute and American Dental Association, national US dental care expenditures in 2015 were $117.5 billion; up $3.5 billion from the year before.

Alt-coin mania seems to have gripped the financial world in the late stages of 2017 and certainly 2018 so far, which can make it harder to say whether certain coins actually have any potential or whether or not people are buying them simply on the basis that people are buying them. But the implementation of alt-coins into industries around the world creates an interesting new paradigm in which coin values are linked directly to the success of private enterprise. Don’t stop watching Dentacoin yet.

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