Tron (TRX) Hit With Plagirization Accusations

Tron (TRX) has been making major crypto headlines lately as its founder, Justin Sun, has been making big moves with his project. Within the last few weeks, the altcoin has soared in price and became a big hit as the new Tron dogs game emerged within China.

However, the project has just been hit with plagiarism accusations as many cryptocurrency enthusiasts noticed similarities between the coin’s white paper and other peer-to-peer documentations. Tron’s project aims at giving the creators power to manage their own content, instead of having to go through publisher’s like Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) or Google Play (NASDAQ:GOOGL).

The founder of JoyStream a client of Bittorent, Bedeho Mender, took to twitter two days ago calling out Sun saying:

“Why does your TRON whitepaper make wholesale copying of IPFS and Filecoin without a single reference? Bitswap, PoRep, PoSt, these are not your ideas?”

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These are some very serious accusations against the project and many have been giving their opinions throughout twitter. Sun responded back to Mender with this:

“We can provide you with the latest Chinese version of the white paper and hope we can learn from your advice. Again, from the beginning, we don’t expect numerous languages versions to keep update. After our SF office opens we will have a better English version of everything soon!”

Source: Inverse

The vague answer doesn’t give enough justification or explanation to this careless act. Additional replies followed on twitter, including the graph above, trying to prove that the white paper fraud was more than just a rumor.

Its sibling social media company, Peiwo APP, which is the Chinese version of Snapchat, just received the national high-tech enterprise qualification from the Chinese government. This gave the app public recognition, which runs on the Tron blockchain.

Hopefully, Justin Sun can clear up these allegations as he was supposed to break some big news today and it seems the coin is taking a turn for the worst.

At press-time, TRX is trading at $0.13 a coin, down -11.87% for the day.

Featured Image: facebook

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