Russian Santa Upset With Putin’s Crypto Stance

Putin's Crypto Stance

Ded Moroz, the Russian version of Santa Claus, has currently announced that he is planning on creating his own cryptocurrency named “dedulki” which translated to English means “grandpas.” Russia’s wavering stance on cryptocurrency is no secret and there could be a brawl in the coming future with Mr. Claus and Russia’s leader Vladimir Putin.

Every year, Ded Moroz goes on a nationwide tour to multiple cities at the beginning of Winter, visiting children’s hospitals and underprivileged children. This year in an interview he expressed his interest in keeping up with the times and technology. He states that he could even use a mining “farm” to heat his residence located in the snow-packed NW Vologda part of Russia.

In this interview, he states, “Now the world is ruled by electronics, and friends advise me to release my own cryptocurrency.”

He did address that he still loves receiving handwritten letters from Children throughout the year, telling him what presents they would like to receive from him.

With Santa set on his cryptocurrency, those individuals against digital currencies just might find Coal under their trees, including the Russian President himself.

Featured Image: Depositphotos/© GeneGlavitsky

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