What is President Trump’s Cryptocurrency Opinion?

Trump's Cryptocurrency Opinion
President Trump's cryptocurrency opinion has not been made entirely clear to the public. Considering the increase in popularity of cyrptocurrency over the past year do you think he should make an official statement? President Trump seems to have an opinion on everything. Whether that be an opinion about North Korea, the matter of fake news, or gun control in the US, we know Trump is going to make these opinions public. For these reasons, I would have thought, due to the rapid increase in popularity, Trump would have made a comment or two about the cryptocurrency sector. That doesn’t seem to be the case. Well, a few people have spoken about the sector for the president, but he hasn’t actually come out and personally said what he thinks about virtual currencies like bitcoin. So how do we know the administration is really passing on Trump’s truth? I guess the answer to that is we don’t. We can, however, investigate what has been said about cryptocurrencies by the Trump administration. Here’s What We Know! In October of 2017, rumors started to circulate that the Trump administration was planning to ban bitcoin. We also saw attorney general Jeff Sessions state that bitcoin and the use of other cryptocurrencies on the dark web is posing to be a serious problem. Reportedly, individuals on the dark web were selling illegal substances and to do so, were using bitcoin as it has untraceable financial capabilities. The latest we heard from the administration regarding cryptocurrencies came from White House press secretary Sarah Sanders. It was an announcement that took the entire industry by surprise. Sanders mentioned that Homeland security is monitoring bitcoin, adding that it is something Trump is keeping his eye on. Personally, I would like to see the president address the industry himself. It is something that has taken the United States by storm, and if Trump wants to share his opinion on North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un, then I think he should address something that his civilians are pouring both countless hours and resources into. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below! Featured Image: Twitter

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