‘www.crypto.com’ – It’s Not The Domain You Think

Matt Blaze

When Matt Blaze, a cryptography, and cybersecurity enthusiast, decided to create his website in the 1990’s, he surely felt comfortable joining the “.com” trend.

A website that only served to publish his documents and research, without any interactivity or attractiveness for the everyday user simply made Mr. Blaze look like a geek with a website.

However, a short time later, another anonymous cryptography enthusiast posted an ad on a mailing list and unknowingly set out on the road to change everything: The world of cryptocurrencies was born with Bitcoin.

And perhaps this would not be surprising if it weren’t for the name of the website that Matt Blaze registered, which is no less than www.crypto.com, and as the icing on the cake, it turns out that Matt Blaze is against crypto-currencies, which he considers to be mostly “scams.”

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So newbies who want to research cryptos and visit crypto.com will find an “anti-crypto” portal run by a very skilled webmaster with a sometimes strict and severe language.

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Of course, it is not surprising that having what can be considered a rough diamond, Mr. Blaze has received numerous offers to purchase his domain. All you have to do is a little Twitter search to see the many attempts – all unsuccessful – to buy his domain.

The potential of having a website whose name is practically the first that comes to mind for anyone who wants to research cryptos is almost unimaginable. However, there seems to be no chance of Mr. Blaze changing his mind. In fact, it’s not worth a try as it will probably block you.

However, since everything has a price, perhaps the offers have not been tempting enough. According to inquiries carried out through Tebuka website at present, the daily traffic of the page is 170 visitors, with a value of just over $ 2,500, giving the domain an Alexa.com ranking of 335308. Worthoftheweb rates its price at over $6,000. Obviously, for that price it is easy for Mr. Blaze to refuse, however, according to one poll, its potential value could be in the order of several million dollars. Interviews conducted by The Verge indicate that the domain name could be between 5 and 10 million dollars, a figure that is still not enough to overcome Blaze’s affection for his website.

The Crypto.com owner just prefers to continue with his routine work and make occasional comments criticizing or mocking the world of cryptocurrencies.

It seems that for now, those who want to investigate about cryptos will not be able to do so on “crypto.com” and they will probably be disappointed by a clearly critical owner, who mocks ICOS and catalogs tokens and cryptocurrencies as a fraud.

Matt Blaze

Featured Image: twitter

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